The H-Series Machine

The most capable lab-scale manufacturing platform in the world

Low Durometer Printing

2-stage filament drive for tacky materials and easy loading.

High-precision indexing turret

For rapid toolchanges and removal of inactive nozzles.

Removable heated build platform (connectorless)

Tapered alignment pins and magnetic latches for easy release and accurate reinstall.

Touch probe Z-measurement

Software auto-levelling; use any build surface of any thickness.

Fully featured

Low Durometer

indexing turret

Removable heated
build platform

Touch probe

Hybrid Manufacturing capabilities

Air-cooled spindles interchangeable for additive tools

Vertical milling

• Traditional 3-axis CNC machining
• Near-net-shape additive manufacturing
• Ball contouring and engraving

Rotary 4-axis milling

• Workholding options for round, flat, or rectangular stock
• Mill both sides of PCBs
• Rotary 3D-printing

5-axis manufacturing

• Access any location of your part at any angle
• Up to 5 different cutting tools

Modular 3D scanner

Linear scanning

• Scan your foot imprint or other low-angle objects

• Outputs usable CAD files for easy modification and solid-body creation

Rotary scanning

• Interfaces with H-Series rotary axis

• Scan any object in full 3D

Full-featured manufacturing platform

Integrated dry-cabinet

Keep moisture-sensitive filament dry while printing or for long-term storage.

Build enclosure

Protects user from potentially dangerous polymer fumes and material chips during milling operation

WiFi connected controller

Access prints and setting from any web-connected device (removable tablet shown).

Multiple Bed Options

• Removable, self-levelling print surface
• Variety of surface materials available
• Dovetail bed allows variety of workholding

Fully featured manufacturing platform

Integrated dry-cabinet

WiFi connected

Build enclosure

Removable bed

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