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Payment Methods


You may checkout directly from our Ecommerce site. This allows Credit, Check, or Zelle payment.

We also offer PO/Invoice payment methods with an official quotation. We request 50% down payment and the balance up to NET30. Typical payment methods are check, ACH, or Wire Transfer for International orders.



We ship directly out of our factory in Longmont, CO

Crates are 32"W x 36"D x 52"H and weigh up to 325lbs.

Freight delivery takes up to 5 days. 

Diabase can include shipment (domestic - $400, Europe $800) or can bill to a freight forwarder of your choice. Please specify if you have a forklift or loading dock available. 



We offer a service plan with optional on-site installation and startup training. Contact us for additional details. Training at our factory in Colorado is always free.

There is an extensive online manual available, including long-form video walkthroughs of certain operations.

Additionally, there are online forums where questions are answered from the H-Series community as well as from Diabase Engineering.


Our warranty will be updated when we begin offering a service plan. Right now, we guarantee to keep your H-Series machine 100% operational.

Put simply:

  • If we caused a problem, we will send you replacement parts and/or tools for free.  

  • If you caused a problem, we will sell you replacement parts at a reasonable price and give you instruction on how to carry out the repair.  (Example: You crashed the machine and drove an end mill all the way down into a y-bearing block. We’ll sell you a new bearing block for ~$10 and tell you the assembly steps)

  • We’ll deal with the gray area in-between like reasonable humans

This warranty is 1-year from date of delivery. Following this period, we will sell extended service plans.



Currently we ship international orders directly from our factory in Colorado, USA. We have several machines in Europe and the UK, and no issues with sales or technical support. 

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