• The hardest available TPU material. This offers all the same benefits of TPU printing (no heated bed and minimal warping, incredible layer adhesion, extreme toughness), but with the rigidity that is useful in so many applications. This is comparable to Nylon in hardness and toughness.  Applications include braces, fasteners, gears and protective covers. 


    • Made in the USA to the highest quality
    • Non-toxic
    • Incredible toughness
    • Diameter of 1.75; variations ± 0.05 mm; roundness ± 0.05 mm
    • Shipped vacuum-sealed with desiccant to keep it free of moisture (not prone to moisture absorption, but best to be careful)
    • 1kg spool

    75D TPU, 1kg

    SKU: XD750017510

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