• This undercut end mill is great for all of the same operations as a standard flat end mill, but with other benefits. For hybrid printing and milling operations, the undercut allows vertical sidewalls to be milled from bottom up while leaving a few print layers at the top for the next additive step. For low stiffness setups, the undercut also helps to minimize chatter on deep cuts. The extended flute length helps to clear chips in deep slots and bores.


    Cutting Diameter: 1/8"
    Shank Diameter: 1/8"
    Length of Cut: 1/8"
    Flute Length: 10mm
    Shoulder Diameter: 2.2mm
    Shoulder Length: 25mm
    OAL: 60mm
    No Flutes: 2
    Material: Micrograin Carbide
    Center Cutting: Yes
    Helix Angle: 30 Deg
    Best Used On: Aluminum, Brass, Plastics and Composites

    1/8" Undercut Flat End Mill

    SKU: 7121191-3

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