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H-Series Usability: CNC Control

Updated: May 12, 2021

The control of any machine tool–especially one with as many features as the H-Series–can be intimidating. Most machine tools use dedicated controllers, which means the movement processing and user interface are combined on-machine. This is an expensive, although usually robust, solution. Instead, our H-Series machines use the Duet3D family of controllers. Duet3D is relatively powerful and well-supported hardware which originated from the 3D printing world. The use of this controller is the #1 reason why we are able to keep the price of the H-Series so low. And with recent improvements to both hardware and CNC control firmware, we don’t need to make any trade-offs to provide high performance at this lower price point.

How Does the User Interface to H-Series Machines?

The Duet controller system has a number of processors doing different things, but one is dedicated to serving a control interface webpage. This webpage, accessible with any computer connected to the same network as the machine, is the primary interface to the H-Series machine, and allows the user to control every function of the machine as well as make permanent changes to its configuration (in the case of custom tools or behavior). Full details about the interface can be found on our