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Overmolding on a Benchtop CNC

Updated: May 11, 2021

For those of you that work with overmolded parts (typically a softer, tactile material combined with a rigid, structural material), you know that prototyping is difficult or impossible. The molds themselves are expensive, so this represents a financial risk for any new design. Enter the H-SERIES BENCHTOP CNC, which is uniquely capable of prototyping overmolded parts (or any multi-material part). An automatic toolchanger with self-cleaning and -priming nozzles make true multi-material parts possible, all on your lab bench.

The part above is a bow quiver, where the interface points must be rigid, but the arrow gripper must be compliant. This example is one of countless situations where MULTI-MATERIAL prints produce the properties that you want, where you want them. With the H-Series, you aren’t limited to choosing one material for an entire part. And with our Flexion Extruders, you can print filament all the way down to 60 Shore A durometer – giving a truly tactile feel for skin-contact parts.