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Is the H-Series Like a Duck?

Updated: May 11, 2021

One that does many things can’t be exceptional at anything.

As Joris from put it:

A desktop CNC and 3D Printer. . .that is kind of the maker version of a washer dryer? As we say in Dutch Not meat nor fish, as in not good at either of them?

Or compliments of Argentina:

Probably like a duck. Can’t walk well, can’t fly well.

This criticism is often warranted for multi-functional products, but not always. What good is a pickup truck? It’s not a passenger vehicle or a piece of construction equipment. That’s the snarky response, but we’ve heard this question enough times that it’s probably worth taking the time to give a serious answer.

“Good” is a loaded term in that question. For machine tool performance, people generally are interested in speed and accuracy…