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H5 CNC Milling In Action

The H5 Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) is ready to go! We’ve been hard at work optimizing the system and now that it’s in production, we’re delighted to show it off. This is a huge step forward in capability for the H-Series line. The three components of the ATC system are the turret, the spindle, and the gantry tool changer. To improve the turret, we completely redesigned the latching mechanism for repeatability, stiffness, and speed. We switched from a motor driven pawl / timing plate system to a pneumatically controlled kinematic coupling. This allows for quicker motion, tighter tolerances, and drastically improved surface finishes.

For the new spindle, we also started from scratch. The tool holders now utilize a standard ER11 collet rather than the custom collet closing mechanism that we showed in the last 3D Printing Nerd video