H-Series Progress: Pendant Control, Tungsten Carbide Nozzles, Automated Tool Offsets

Updated: May 12, 2021

We have been hard at work at Diabase improving the H-Series user experience and machine capabilities. Let's get straight to it:

Pendant Control

Controlling a CNC machine from a screen interface can be risky because unintentional screen touches can cause the machine to crash. In the best case, the process is still cumbersome because the operator needs to precisely control the machine position (for example, when using and edge finder to set WCS position. Or in the case of the H-Series, doing the same thing with the touch probe.) Pendant control offers a number of advantages over screen input:

  1. Tactile feedback from the scroll wheel (the operator can FEEL when a command is sent to jog the machine), preventing unwanted movement.

  2. Immediately responsive and always-on - quickly adjust machine movement speed, print temperature, or fan speed without waiting for a computer to connect.

  3. Nimble - can be brought to where it is needed to monitor machine movement. Connected by 1.5m cable to controller.

The H-Series Pendant will be available for new and existing machines at the end of June 2020.

Tungsten Carbide Nozzles

Our Tungsten Carbide FDM nozzles offer incredible abrasion resistance paired with excellent thermal conductivity. Now you can print filament loaded with any material (chopped carbon fiber, iron, stainless steel, etc) without fear of wearing out the nozzle. Available now from the shop.

Tungsten Carbide 3D printer nozzles offer increased wear resistance without sacrificing thermal performance

Automated Tool Offsets

Anybody operating a machine with fully independent tools (not just a cutter changer, but the entire tool assembly) knows that accurate tool offsets are critical to success in manufacturing. The procedure for setting XY offsets of tools was cumbersome before, but with the new "touchoff cup" (and especially with the pendant), the process is a breeze. Jog the tool inside the cup, hit the "Touchoff XY" button from the web control or the pendant, wait for the machine to find the center of the cup, then press the "Apply XY Offset" button.

We continue to work to make the H-Series machine more capable, more user-friendly, and more useful to our existing and future customers. Stay tuned for more regular updates, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions at


Diabase Team