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Addition and/or Subtraction

Updated: May 11, 2021

Extrusion printing is an effective way to make rough approximations of parts. It is a simple process with a clean and manageable form of raw material. However it is not a good process for creating finished, high-quality parts quickly. As you decrease nozzle diameter and reduce layer height to allow for smaller feature sizes and smoother surfaces, build times become ridiculous. With the H-Series tool changer, you can switch between large nozzles for bulk fill and small nozzles for detail, but this only allows for marginal increases in print speed.

Near net shape printing with subtractive finishing solves many of the issues of standard extrusion printing:

  1. It provides higher accuracy parts

  2. Surface finishes are greatly improved, especially on low angle contours. There is a world of difference between the finish of normal FDM parts a