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Near Net Shape Process

Process (more details in manual):

Generate larger CAD model than your final part

  • Option: use slicer to scale up the final part

  • Offset final part by ~1mm in all directions to be milled

  • Raise part above bed if tool should mill entire vertical wall


Slice print file with Simplify3D

  • Use high heat and extrusion to improve layer adhesion

  • Maximize layer height and speed to minimize print time

  • Increase wall and ceiling layers to ensure solid infill in final part


Generate subtractive toolpaths with Fusion360 or HSMWorks

  • Use CAD file from step 1 as stock (including any Z-offset)

  • Generate toolpaths with normal CAM cycles


Run process files on H-Series CNC Machine

  • Either individually, or combined with Diabase Wizard

  • No additional machine setup is required! 

    • Stock location is known from the print process; the same machine coordinates are used for CNC operation.​


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