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We're here for you.

Stay on-time and on-budget with our new service offerings.


Work just got upended.


The traditional workshop environment is not available for many of our customers. We're hearing from engineers who are away from their desktop workstations, away from their equipment, and away from a peaceful office. We love our kids…but a wailing toddler can interrupt anyone’s “flow state” in CAD/CAM software. 


Making tangible progress on new products and projects is harder now than ever.

Shop as a Service

We’re putting our machines to work to help you get back to business.

Our family of H-Series 3D printer/CNC machine tools, supported by a full machine shop and electronics lab will enable the production of novel and hard to manufacture parts in industries as diverse as medical devices, aerospace, footwear and consumer packaged goods.


We use our machines in production and know what they can do for you.


Fabrication and Custom Build Capabilities

Multi-Material 3D Printing:

  • Rigid or flexible parts (down to 60 ShoreA durometer)

  • Any material combination

  • Finished smooth or as-printed

Basic CNC Milling in All Materials


Hybrid Processing

  • Metal combined with plastic (rigid or flexible)

  • CNC combined with 3D printing


Multi-Axis Processing

  • 4th axis-3D printing or milling around a cylinder

  • 5th axis-printing in 3+2, milling in full 5-axis


Contract Engineering Capabilities

Diabase Engineering has a proven track record of taking projects from initial concept all the way through the final stages of commercialization. 

  • Navigation through the fuzzy-front-end stages of projects where competing ideas need to be vetted.

  • 3D modeling and FEA simulations to validate the designs. 

  • Production of fully-functional prototypes and multiple rounds of iterations and revisions.

  • Generation of full manufacturing specifications and detailed engineering drawings. 

  • Manufacture of short runs of quantities in the 50 to 100 piece range.

  • DFM and full-scale production quotations using our supply chain.


Prefer to do the work yourself?

Get a 'Machine Shop on a Benchtop'

Whether you're working on proprietary products or you'd prefer to get your hands dirty-we're here for you too.  With the H-Series you get the functionality of a whole machine shop right in your garage. You'll even have space left for your car.



We're in this together


At Diabase Engineering we're returning to our roots during our customers’ time of need.  We started this company to build equipment for engineers and designers. People like us. People like you. We believe in a future where creators have everything they need to get the job done. Send us a mesage to get in touch with our executive team. Whether you want to discuss your project or just want to talk about how we’re restoring production capabilities one product at a time, we’re here. 


Let's build the future together,

Austin and Stephen

Diabase Engineering

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